NIJ III.A Dropdown Soft Armor Insert

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Soft armor insert in level III.A according to US NIJ 0101.04 for Warrior Drop Down pouch or similar shaped pouches including our Hanger Pouch MK2.

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Our soft armor insert is ballistic solution in level III.A for drop down pouches (Warrior Drop Down, Combat Systems Hanger Pouch) made in Czech Republic using an extremely high quality Honeywell Spectra shield UHMWPE material. 

Combat Systems soft armor combine two basic elements of protection which are rarely found in commercial armor. Our body armor is lll.A rated with V-50 Fragmentation rating in excess of 606 meters per second (606 m/s). This means that our body armor is capable of stopping 9mm handgun ( 9x19 NATO, 9x18 Makarov) and 9mm Sub (MP5) at higher velocity, in addition to .357 SIG .44 Mag and also 7,62 × 25 mm Tokarev

  • Material: 100% UHMWPE Honeywell Spectra Shield
  • Meets: US Level III.A NIJ 0101.04
  • Meets: STANAG 2920, odolnost proti střepině V50=606 m/s
  • Cover: 9mm Handguns (9x19 NATO, 9x18 Makarov), 7.62x39 Tokarev, .357 SIG .44 MAG
  • Warranty: 10 let
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A Avatar of author Dropdown Soft armor 15.12.2023 18:00
Hello, I wanted to ask if you're going to restock NIJ III.A Dropdown Soft Armor Insert and hanger pouch any time soon?