Level III+ Stand Alone SAPI Plate

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Our state-of-the-art Stand Alone Hard Plate in Level III.+ and SAPI multi curved shape !

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Our new composite ultra-light ballistic plate takes the word "comfort" to a whole new level. It can protect against a wide range of current threats while weighing only a few hundred grams! Thanks to modern and advanced materials from the American market leader Honeywell, we have been able to produce a plate - equivalent to the American SAPI - with level III+ protection according to the NIJ.010106 standard, without using ceramics and without the need for a soft ballistic insert (stand-alone design). We have developed the plate to stop at least 6 shots of 7.62x51 NATO M80 ammunition, as defined by the NIJ 0101.06 standard, and in the development process, we aimed for the plate to meet the upcoming RF1 standard according to NIJ 0101.07. This standard requires the plate to stop 3 shots of 7.62x51 NATO M80 + 3 shots of 7.62x39 MSC + 3 shots of 5.56x45 M193 all at once. Furthermore, our plate exceeds the current norm by stopping at least 6 shots of 7.62x39 FMJ (full metal jacket), 7.62x39 MSC (mild steel core), or 5.56x45 M193 Ball.

Our ballistic plates are designed to be multi-hit, multi-curve, and stand-alone (they do not require a soft ballistic insert for trauma reduction) and are available in SAPI shape and 4 sizes. The production of the plates takes place entirely in the Czech Republic.

  • Warranty 10 years
  • Sold individually !
  • Weight approx. 1.1kg (Size M)
  • Made in EU !
Size  Dimensions    
S 222 x 298 mm (8¾ x 11¾ in)    
M 241 x 318 mm (9½ x 12½ in)    
L 260 x 337 mm (10⅛ x 13¼ in)    
XL 280 x 356 mm (11 x 14 in)    
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R Avatar of author 24.5.2022 10:20
Is that price of only body plate or with back plate?