Looking back at 2023 aka the first blog article

The year 2023 has been an absolutely stunning and successful one for our company Combat Systems, just like the previous years. I am extremely grateful to all of our employees, customers and partners for their continued support and dedication. During 2023, we managed to implement or complete many things, but on the other hand, some things were not completed. The blog was one of them. Somehow there was no time for that one, but that is over today. Let me bring you up to date on some of the highlights from the past year and share some exciting plans for 2024.

Attending EnforceTac and IWA

After a three-year hiatus due to the Covid pandemic, we returned to EnforceTac and IWA. Our participation in these events was fruitful. We had the chance to meet our existing partners and customers, showcase our latest products, and receive valuable feedback. It was not only enjoyable for us, but also an excellent opportunity to reinforce our relationships, acquire new business contacts, and expand our distributor network.


Successful start of production of hard ballistic plates

In the summer of 2023, we completed an ambitious project - we started our own production of hard ballistic plates, which we have now under full control in our production facility. This step required nearly a year of intensive development and testing with a significant investment.  This was the next step towards being able to offer a complete personal protection solution.


Launch of the TACSEW aka Tactical Sewing Solutions e-shop

In the second half of 2023 we launched the tacsew eshop, which is focused on selling textile materials for DIY projects ( soon also in English lang on tacsew.com).This move was in response to customer demand for quality materials and is part of our efforts to expand our services and offerings. TACSEW has quickly become a popular resource for anyone interested in quality textile materials for their own projects. This includes not only the sale of materials or expert advice but also a range of other services such as laser cutting of textile parts, machine embroidery and more.


Innovation and development of our products

The year 2023 was also marked by innovation and improvement of our existing products, but not all of them made it to final production. But that will change right from the edge of 2024. We have implemented many changes in our products covertly without making a big fuss about it, because we simply want our products to be among the best.


The growth of our YouTube channel

In 2023, we were also busy making product videos and our colleague John was very active and made sure that our YouTube channel grew tremendously. Not in English yet but this should change soon too. This channel has become an important source of information for our customers and fans, where we showcase our products, provide tutorials and tips on using tactical gear, and in the coming year we'd like to offer a behind-the-scenes look at our company. We're excited about the way our community has grown.


In short, 2023 was an absolutely fantastic year for Combat Systems, bringing us many successes and important milestones. Thank you, our customers, partners and employees, for your continued support, loyalty and passion for our work. It has been an honour to present our latest products and innovations to you, whether at trade fairs, via our YouTube channel or on our e-shop.

As we move into 2024, we have many exciting plans and news to report on, not least on our newly launched blog.

Thank you for your trust and loyalty.

Mike and John from COMBAT SYSTEMS